December 1st: Hand in Hand

Welcome to my advent calendar!

A woman needs to chose her battles wisely. Some are lost before they even begin. I do like my home to be uncluttered, but my inner minimalist curls up for a long nap as soon as (s)he hears « Christmas preparations » … and thus we are a multiple advent calendar family:

First one for every child from the grand-parents (with chocolat, bien sûr!).

Then one we made years ago from boxes of matches to be filled with little surprises (avoiding chocolat, if I can help it). The children insist on reviving this thing every year, pretending tradition’s sake, in reality they hope for more chocolat.

One without chocolat. I insist on this one, pretending pedagogic principles, in reality I just think it is beautiful…

And now we have the one I like best that is the advent calendar here on the blog!!

So that’s the idea: until Christmas I will post every day a little something, un petit rien . Not chocolat.

With or without a connection to coaching.

With or without a connection to Christmas.


And yes, there will be a present or two. I’ll tell you more in a couple of days…

So, december 1st:

When the day is grey and I am grumpy, this video is an instant pick-me-up: Hand in Hand

What do you think?

Have a beautiful day!

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