Baby Steps or How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Happen this Time – part 2

Last time we ended with the question: « What are baby steps? »

Well, think about some New Year’s resolution, or any other time when you wanted to introduce a change in your life. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it was most likely a change in habits.

Find a time when have you successfully implemented some change –  professional, personal, whatever. If you take a closer look, you will most likely find baby step(s) on the way to this change.

There you are. The proof that it works.

Now, what about the  changes that you want to happen now?

If it is something you have been wanting to change and have failed (repeatedly) in the past, here’s a clue: your steps towards this goal are too big. Now I can just hear some of you scream « No way! It is not the step that is too big! Rather I should be able to… » If that is you, here’s my definition of a baby step:

A baby step is a step so small that you do it. Period.

Or, in the words of noted Life Coach Martha Beck: « When you get to the point that you’d have to attach lead weights to your eye balls to keep them from rolling, the step is so damn easy – of course you can do this, then you have a (baby) step. »

So, when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions, what would be your eye-rolling, f-word easy, the-one-you-feel-way-too-small baby step be? Write it down, preferably somewhere where you will read it on december 31, 2012!

Next time we will have a look why it is that we sooo do not want to go for these kind of baby steps. (But of course, that is not you. You started them already, right?)


Andrew Lightheartjanvier 15th, 2012 at 16 h 09 min

Gosh I know this is true and GOSH I resist it again and again.

The ‘it’s not enough’ monster raises his head.


I’m doing my best.

I love this thing about when the step is so easy you roll your eyes at it. A good measure.

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